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Cloud Storage solution for frontend webpage development.



ushio-session is the predecessor of js-session, built in iotcat/ushio-js. On the basis of using iotcat/fp to locate the device, front-end users can use sessions like cookies. The session does not depend on cookies and uses server-side storage. Because of this feature, session can solve cross-domain problems that cookies are difficult to solve.


  • session.get(key): Get according to the key name
  • session.set(key, value): Create or update a session with key name and key value
  • session.del(key): delete session based on key name


ushio-session has now been widely used in the ushio website system. You have ushio-session support behind many of the services on the websites supported by Ushio. such as:

  • Cross-domain and cross-device music continues to play
  • User management identification
  • Language preference record
  • Video playback position is recorded across devices
  • User ID management
  • etc..