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IoTcat's personal distributed information support system


What is the meaning of Ushio

Ushio named after the daughter of the protagonist of Clannad. On July 18, 2019, the first studio of Kyoto Animation was set on fire, and the most tender group of people received the most cruel treatment. All I can do is pass on the spirit these people conveys. I hope to find my true self with the help of Ushio system. To find the responsibility that truly belongs to me; to find the happiness that truly belongs to me; to find the person who is truly worthy of my all-out efforts.

Project positioning

The Chinese meaning of word Ushio is the gushing water at dusk. The idea of the Ushio system is that it can be deployed on various devices in a distributed and flexible manner, providing a tool set, operating environment, and maintenance path for my development activities. If the interdependence between the various services I developed is a spider web, then the Ushio system is the architect and maintainer of this web. In addition, some Ushio interfaces are developed and shared to the public through API. See iotcat/ushio-api for details.


The first generation of ushio iotcat/ushio-cn-old:old

The first architecture was completed in July 2019. It was integrated a series of applications on the CentOS7 system of the server. At this time, the local file system of the host is still used.

The second generation ushio iotcat/ushio-linux

The second reconstruction was completed in March 2020. It was run by a Ushio user, with onedrive as the file system and the local storage as the cache system, with independent system partitions and a Linux subsystem with isolated permissions.

The third generation ushio iotcat/ushio-cn

The third reconstruction was completed in June 2020. It was run by the root user, with onedrive as the file system, the local storage as the cache system, and a docker cluster controlled by docker-compose.

The fourth generation ushio

The fourth reconstruction is in progress and is expected to be completed before 2020.12. On the basis of the third generation, Kubernetes and Helm are used to replace docker-compose for elastic process management, DroneCI and Github are used for continuous integration, and Kafka is used for cross-regional cluster communication.

Design Objective

  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Integrated
  • Extensible
  • OpenSource
  • Smart

Development Method

  • Continuous reconstruction, iterative development
  • Development-oriented
  • Taking into account the development of quantum computing, AES256 will be mainly used and the use of RSA will be reduced

Architecture and standards

File system

Ushio uses git with to manage configuration files, secret keys, credentials, database passwords, and static files that require high access speed. In addition, Ushio uses onedrive to store static files that take up a lot of space, such as video files. Ushio uses Huawei Cloud Storage to store shared files that require high-speed access between cross-regional clusters, such as certain data files. At the same time, Ushio uses the host disk to store log files, run caches and other dynamic files.

The general structure of the Ushio file system is as follows, where the /onedrive directory and the /mnt/var directory are shared and synchronized by all Ushio hosts. The /home directory, the /mnt/etc directory, the /mnt/config directory, and the /mnt/docker directory use git for management and disaster recovery, which facilitates version control and quick recovery. /var and /tmp use the system root directory address to store dynamic files and cache.

|---|onedrive (mount using rclone)
|---|mnt (IoTcat/ushio-private)
|   |---config (Shared configuration file)
|   |---etc (shared local configuration file)
|   |---docker (sharing docker-compose configuration file)
|   |---var (Share Huawei Cloud Storage)
|---|home (with git management)
|   |---www (local high-speed website files, such as php)
|   |---opt (local development file)
|   |---lib (local shared library)
|   |---log (local log)
|   |---cache (local cache)
|---|tmp (temporary file)

Cross-regional communication

The Ushio cluster communicates data through Huawei cloud storage, mqtt distributed cluster, and Kafka message queue (to be implemented).

Service list

Host list

See the real-time list here

Important node

Ushio Core Service

Web Services

  • provides public API interface
  • provides logging interface
  • provides js-session service
  • CDN acceleration service
  • provides image acquisition service
  • provides file caching services
  • video barrage service

User Services

  • Provide Ushio system user login service
  • Provide user personal information management page
  • provides Ushio user system authentication and authority management services

IoT Services

  • provides mqtt communication services
  • provides OTA service for IoT nodes

Other services

  • provides dns service
  • provides intranet penetration service
  • provides docker image hosting service
  • mysql storage service
  • win systemd Ushio service communication interface

Services relying on Ushio

Public Service

Private Service

Important modules


Provide session service based on iotcat/js-session. See iotcat/session for details


Provide the ushio interface on the web side, and provide aplayer, fp, js-session, tips light services. See iotcat/ushio-js for details


The anti-generation software modified on the basis of nginx source code, in fact, the main effect is to make the server in the http header be Ushio/1.16.1. . I will further optimize nginx if I can. See iotcat/ushio-nginx for details


Use dnsmasq to provide dns services. If you need to use it, please modify your dns host address to,

redis database

Provide caching services locally.

mongoDB database

Provide distributed file storage. Currently it is mainly used by the barrage module.


Use the crunchgeek/php-fpm:7.3 mirror to provide php web publishing services.

frps intranet penetration

Provide intranet penetration services for intranet hosts.

emqx mqtt

Provide mqtt service.


Provide server monitoring service based on serverstatus. See for details


Provide onedrive file publishing service based on oneindex.


Provide log service.

Deployment method

Script deployment

Currently supports one-click script deployment of CentOS7. Realize the expansion server that can be automated and unattended. For example, if necessary, I can now fill in a new Ushio server in Japan or other countries within ten minutes (provided that the network is good) and start providing services. For the script, please refer to iotcat/ushio-centos-ini


System architecture (second generation)

|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   | (questionnaire system)
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |
|   |

System architecture (first generation)

|   |
|   |---Blog (blog, record life, guide)=SEO (indexed by search engines)
|   |   |
|   |   |---YimianReading (Chasing Fan/Reading Record)
|   |   |---YimianYulu (Record your own secondary quotations)
|   |   |---WeiBlog (similar to talk)
|   |   |---YimianDev (Development Record)
|   |   |---Message Board
|   |   |---RSS
|   |   |---Note Archive System
|   |
|   |---HomePage (home page, guiding role)=SEO
|   |   |
|   |   |---YimianGuide(Navigation page)
|   |   |----Private pc browser homepage
|   |   |----Private phone browser homepage
|   |   |---Resume
|   |
|   |---ACG.WATCH (collection of animation, movies, TV series and other videos)=SEO
|   |   |
|   |   |---Collection of Blu-ray Animation/Video
|   |   |----The banned masterpiece in China (complementary with station b)
|   |
|   |---OVO.RE(图床)=SEO
|   |---YimianMsc (cross-domain uninterrupted web music service) (based on NetEase Cloud Music)
|   |---YimianCloud (private network disk + public sharing) (distributed) (intranet + external network)
|   |---iot (Internet of Things)
|   |   |
|   |   |----Electronic Device Management System
|   |
|   |---YimianQues (simple questionnaire system)
|   |---YimianPC (simple system on notebook, convenient for intranet/extranet access and file sharing)
|   |---YimianData (Provide simple big data display function)
|   |---YimianChat (simple online chat platform)
|   |---UshioFee (Ushio running cumulative cost statistics)
|   |---YimianSSR (over the wall service management interface)
|---|login (user management system)
|   |
|   |---iis (register, log in, retrieve password page)
|   |---Temporary user system (random/QQ/WeChat/google)
|---|ssr/vpn (agent, assist in providing circumvention services)
|---|frp (Intranet penetration service)
|   |
|   |---ota (firmware update service)
|   |---MQTT
|   |
|   |---SQL (form, log)
|   |---NoSQL (website cache, video series information)
|   |---Object storage (speed-sensitive large files)
|   |---onedrive (large files, synchronized with yimianPC)
|   |
|   |---mail
|   |---sms
|   |---Cuckoo machine
|   |---pic/moe(picture)
|   |---One word
|   |---dans (Barrage Service)
|   |---Picture suppression/cutting
|   |---Video suppression/transcoding
|   |---Translation (google translate)
|   |---Search (site search + comprehensive google)
|   |
|   |---alipay
|   |---weichatpay
|   |---bitcon
|   |---paypal
|   |
|   |---wiot custom training model
|   |---User classification (to push content according to their preferences)
|   |---Simple chat robot
|---|game (game server)
|   |
|   |---Battlefield 2
|   |---Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
|   |---Sim City 5
|---|log (log system)
|   |
|   |---System Log
|   |---iis access log
|   |---Spider access log
|   |---api access log
|---|monitor (monitoring/control system)
|   |
|   |---iis (Automatically guide users to the specified page when related services are abnormal, to prevent Google from penalizing, and warn the webmaster at the same time)
|   |---Control the status of each service switch
|   |---Certificate management (automatic renewal)
|---|backup (backup system)
|   |
|   |---github backup
|   |---YimianPC file backup
|   |---YimianPhone file backup
|   |---Database backup
|   |---Server system mirror backup
|---|report (report system)
|   |
|   |---Site daily overview

Core dependencies

CentOS7.6]( Use CentOS as the operating system

  • nodeJS Use NodeJS to drive the system
  • php Use php to build iis server
  • python Use python for back-end data processing
  • nginx Modified nginx as a proxy
  • fp accurately identify user equipment
  • Shadowsocks Traffic proxy system
  • typecho blog framework
  • jquery js web development tool
  • dplayer open source barrage video player
  • aplayer Open source music player
  • rsshub Provide rich rss source
  • frp Provide intranet penetration
  • docute Quick development documentation
  • handsome typecho blog theme
  • DPlayer-node Barrage backend

Services used

  • Huawei Cloud CDN
  • Huawei Cloud Object Storage
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Distributed Cache Redis
  • HUAWEI CLOUD cloud database RDS
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Elastic Cloud Server ECS
  • Tencent Cloud Domain Name Resolution
  • Tencent Cloud Cloud Communication SMS
  • Tencent Cloud Domain Name Resolution
  • Tencent Cloud CDN
  • Tencent Cloud Cloud Server
  • Tencent Cloud Serverless Cloud Functions
  • Tencent Enterprise Email
  • Alibaba Cloud Lightweight Application Server
  • Alibaba Cloud Email Push
  • Github code hosting service
  • Vultr VPS
  • Godaddy domain name management
  • internetbs domain name management
  • UptimeRobot iis monitoring service
  • onedrive file storage service
  • GoogleAnalytics site visit statistics