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Todo CLI with DDLs on nodejs.



|   |---email
|   |---remote url
|   |---todo
|   |---task
|   |---history

td structure

td new        td add        td done
------>      -------->     --------->
        todo          task           history
<------     <--------      <---------
  td rm       td return      td recover


config set

  • td config [-e email] [-r remote]: Set

td set

  • td new <name> [class]: Create new todo..

  • td add <id>: Add todo to task..

  • td done <id>: Finish task..

  • td recover: Recover task from history..

  • td return <id>: Return task to todo..

  • td rm <id>: Remove task..

  • td ls: List tasks..

  • td lt: List todos..

  • td history: List history

log set

  • td select <id>: Select task for loging..
  • td log <comment>: Record logs..
  • td ll: List logs..
  • td rml <id>: Remove log..

ddl set

  • td newd <name> <date>: Create new ddl..
  • td link <ddlID> <tdID>: Link todo with ddl..
  • td ld: List ddls..
  • td rmd <id>: Remove ddl..


  • td init: Reset all..
  • td push: Push local to remote..
  • td pull: Pull from remote..
  • td sync: Sync with remote..

Data structure

  email: "",
  remote: ""

    id: 'a2s3s2ds',
    name: '',
    class: 'default',
    createTime: (new Date()).valueOf(),
    todoTime: (new Date()).valueOf(),
    endTime: (new Date()).valueOf(),
    lastOperateTime: (new Date()).valueOf(),
    idDel: false,
    logs: [{
      id: 'fdkr8ei9odleiw93',
      content: '',
      createTime: (new Date()).valueOf()
      lastOperateTime: (new Date()).valueOf(),
      isDel: false
  ddl: {[{
    id: 'di8eio',
    name: '',
    class: 'default',
    link: [<tdID>],
    createTime: (new Date()).valueOf(),
    expireTime: (new Date()).valueOf(),
    lastOperateTime: (new Date()).valueOf(),
    isDel: false